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The Momentum Team

About our Company

Momentum Coaching and Consulting is a multifaceted development company that offers workforce development coaching, executive coaching, specialized training, leadership development programs, customized curriculum, and more. The company was founded in 2006 by Tim Troyer out of his desire to see leaders develop to reach their full potential, while ensuring that they are both making a living and making a life.

We work both domestically and internationally with companies of all sizes — from entrepreneurs to billion-dollar concerns. Through our affiliated companies, we also offer social media management, video production, and other media services. Additionally, we provide primary support for a nonprofit development organization that works internationally to promote livelihood development and entrepreneur-ism as a solution to poverty.

Executive Business Coaching

We work with high level leaders in companies of all sizes to increase personal effectiveness and leadership skills.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

“A trusted set of outside eyes” When it comes to strategic planning or any kind of facilitated meeting the right facilitator makes all the difference. Our team is trained and skilled in how to ask the right questions to generate the kind of forward progress you desire for your group or team all while providing objective advice and counsel on the subjects you are discussing.

Workforce Development Coaching and Training

Similar to our executive level coaching, our workforce development coaching engages up and coming leaders or leaders that have positions below the

Specialized Training

Whether its training a sales team, customer service team or work group MC2 offers a wide range of modules that work with leaders within an organization to increase organizational effectiveness and train for specific competencies. Have a unique business or need? That is not a problem as we also offer custom curriculum development that can be branded to your company

Non-Profit Strategy Coaching

The world of non profit leaders is a challenging one that offers unique obstacles. Our team knows this because we all serve in a sister non profit and have over 50 years of non profit leadership experience. We love partnering with people who are making a difference in the lives of others to help their organization be more effective.

Philanthropy Planning

Having a strategy to maximize the impact and accountability of your philanthropic giving is vital to both the effectiveness of the giving and your level of satisfaction about it. We work with organizations and individuals to help them create a plan to enables them to


Our Best Stories

  • 13.07.2015

    Why Leaders Need To Be Servants First

    Leadership is about a lot of things, but the most effective leaders know that their job is always to serve others. It takes a special kind of person to do this because it requires a specific balance to manage other aspects of leadership while becoming…


  • 10.07.2015

    Why You Need Team Members & Not Simply Employees

    How your business grows is largely dependant on the people you have around you. You may think that you need a bunch of mindless drones to do your bidding, but that simply isn’t the case. Having the right team members is exactly what it takes…


  • 08.07.2015

    Talking About Integrity In Your Business

    We talk frequently about having integrity. It’s very much considered to be a personal trait, something that you personally possess and practice, but businesses need to have integrity too. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? Failed attempts at integrity will mean failed attempts at properly…


  • 06.07.2015

    How Do You Determine The Quality Of A Leader?

    Ray Kroc once said, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” This is powerful, because too many times a “leader” will expect more from the team than they themselves give. A leader has many roles to play, but…


  • 03.07.2015

    Get The Results You Want With The System Your Business Needs

    Your system is perfectly designed for the results you’re getting. What do you think of that? It’s true, and not a ton of business owners or leaders want to hear it. It’s a very simple concept, and all leaders need to think about how it…


  • 01.07.2015

    The Role Of A Leader In Unlocking Potential

    The word leader conjures visions of a single person taking the reins and leading the charge. While leaders do need to step up and tackle lots of different types of situations, the ultimate goal of a leader should always be to unlock the potential of…


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Our team is trained and skilled in how to ask the right questions to generate the kind of forward progress you desire for your group or team all while providing objective advice and counsel on the subjects you are discussing.

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