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Valuable Steps For Good Decision Making

Leaders are tasked with making all sorts of decisions every day from picking the entertainer at the office’s holiday party to making the final call on a problem that will have huge effects on the business’ overall success. It can be a stressful job, but it is almost definitely a rewarding one. Being a good problem solver and having the ability to make quick, sound decisions is essential for any leader, so let’s look at what steps you can take to help you make the best call every single time.

Identify The Issue

Just because there is a problem doesn’t mean that the situation is completely clear. Your first step should always be to define the issue and afford yourself some clarity. Some matters will be more urgent than others and you first must determine if immediate action is necessary. Then, you can move forward with the next steps.

Gather The Facts

In order to make a good decision, you must be properly informed, so do your research. Not all issues that arise will require you to engage in this step in such detail, but this step is still necessary, even for smaller decisions, so start gathering information so you know what you’re talking about.

Start Thinking

This is the part where you get creative. Think about different ways you can solve the problem while considering what options are available to you, who can assist you, and most importantly, what outcome you’d like to achieve.

Write some stuff down. Make a pros and cons list. Get all your thoughts out of your head and organize them in a way that affords you more clarity. This will help you see everything before you and weigh all the key aspects of this important decision.

Make A Choice

At this point, you couldn’t be any better informed then you are now. The time has come to pick a course of action. Always remember, however, that you are making the best decision depending on the situation for your brand, your company, your customer, whatever it may be. The right call is a strategic move and it isn’t always going to make everyone ecstatic. Making everyone happy isn’t your job; your job is to make the tough call that is going to be the most beneficial for everyone involved.

Follow Up

As with everything else in business, following up is always a stellar plan. Also, it’s the best way to determine if your decision was, in fact, the best one possible. You may gather insight after the fact that can help you do things even better next time. Following up is a crucial step for each and every decision you make.

Good Decision Making Is Essential For Good Leadership

Making the tough calls is just part of the job, and the choices you make will affect everyone around you. These steps will help ensure that you are able to make the best call every time, and in turn, become the best leader you can possibly be.

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