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What Really Drives A Business’ Success

Money makes the world go round, so it’s understandable that many businesses think that money is the key factor in driving business success. (It’s actually not.) There are many things that affect the success of a business, but the most important factor is relationships. Building solid relationships isn’t an easy thing to do. It requires courtesy, professionalism, attention, and most of all, it requires change. When these relationships blossom, however, your brand will have some solid ground to stand upon.


There is always someone who has been where you are. There is always someone who understands the system better than you. There is always someone with a connection that could make your business big. If you don’t bother to connect and stay in touch with these “someones” then your brand won’t reap all the benefits.

Networking is important for both businesses and a personal career. It can be a ton of work, and it certainly requires some dedication, but it’s worth it. In the end, your connections may be able to take you somewhere you weren’t able to go by yourself.

Customer Relationships

It takes a great deal of work to maintain good customer relationships. It encompasses your online presence, how you interact with customers, and of course, at what lengths you’ll go to to work through issues and situations for them.

Customers drive business; without them you don’t have much. Developing a personal relationship with your customers is the best way to foster trust and garner loyalty from the people who make your brand a true sensation. Taking the time to get to know them shows your customers how much you value them, and that is not something many businesses do. They will take notice, and it will make a difference for your brand.

Employee Relationships

We like to think that businesses are run because of our knack for technology or acumen for finances, but what really makes a business shine is the people who work for it. When team members feel valued, when they feel needed, when they feel cared for, it shows in their work and their determination to see the brand reach new heights.

Showing your employees that you care about them is probably the easiest task here. Networking takes a great deal of effort and so does maintaining valuable relationships with your customers. Doing your best for your employees is easy in comparison. Giving a Christmas bonus or saying, hey, leave early and go to your daughter’s soccer game are easy. Even the smallest of gestures will leave an impression on your employees, and when they are happy, the business can prosper.

Driving Past The Competition

You’ll only get out of relationships what you put into them, and stellar relationships can put your brand ahead of the competition in many ways. The personal relationships with industry leaders, the trust you’ve instilled in your customers, and the dedicated, loyal employees are the driving force behind a business’ success. When you focus on these three types of relationships, there’s no telling where they can take your brand.

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